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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            141
if you 'd think it your duty to abide in the condition in which you were called. I rather think that you 'd think the first stray horse you could find an indication of Provi­dence, — should n't you ? "
The little old gentleman stared with both eyes at this illustration of the case; but, though not much of a rea-soner, he had the sense in which some logicians on this particular subject do not excel, — that of saying nothing, where nothing could be said. So, as he stood carefully stroking his umbrella, and folding and patting down all the creases in it, he proceeded on with his exhortations in a general way.
" You see, George, you know, now, I always have stood your friend ; and whatever I 've said, I 've said for your good. Now, here, it seems to me, you 're running an aw­ful risk. You can't hope to carry it out. If you 're taken, it will be worse with you than ever; they '11 only abuse you, and half kill you, and sell you down river."
" Mr. Wilson, I know all this," said George. " I do run a risk, but" — he threw open his overcoat, and showed two pistols and a bowie-knife. " There ! " he said; " I 'm ready for 'em ! Down South I never will go ! No ! if it comes to that, I can earn myself at least six feet of free soil, — the first and last I shall ever own in Ken­tucky ! "
" Why, George, this state of mind is awful; it 's get­ting really desperate, George. I 'm concerned. Going to break the laws of your country ! "
" My country again ! Mr. Wilson, you have a country; but what country have I, or any one like me, born of slave mothers ? What laws are there for us ? We don't make them, — we don't consent to them, — we have nothing to do with them ; all they do for us is to crush us, and keep us down. Have n't I heard your Fourth-of-July. speeches ? Don't you tell us all, once a year, that governments derive their just power from the consent of the governed ? Can't a fellow think, that hears such things ? Can't he put this and that together, and see what it comes to ? "