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know how these things look to
3. There
's a God for
you, but is there any for us ? "
now, don't, - - don't, my boy ! " said the old man,
almost sobbing as he spoke; " don't feel so! There is, there is; clouds and darkness are around about Him, but righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne. There 's a God, George, believe it; trust in Him, and I 'm sure He '11 help you. Everything will be set right, if not in this life, in another."
The real piety and benevolence of the simple old man invested him with a temporary dignity and authority as he spoke. George stopped his distracted walk up and down the room, stood thoughtfully a moment, and then said, quietly,
" Thank you for saying that, my good friend; I '11 think of that."