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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            169
Are you educated and he ignorant, you high and he low, you refined and he coarse, you talented and he sim­ple ?
In the day of a future Judgment, these very considerar tions may make it more tolerable for him than for you.
In concluding these little incidents of lawful trade, we must beg the world not to think that American legisla­tors are entirely destitute of humanity, as might, perhaps, be unfairly inferred from the great efforts made in our national body to protect and perpetuate this species of traffic.
Who does not know how our great men are outdoing themselves, in declaiming against the foreign slave-trade ? There are a perfect host of Clarksons and Wilberforces risen up among us on that subject, most edifying to hear and behold. Trading negroes from Africa, dear reader, is so horrid. It is not to be thought; of! But trading them from Kentucky, — that's quite another thing!