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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            175
" Indeed! " said Rachel, looking thoughtfully, and glan­cing at Eliza.
" Did thee say thy name was Harris ? " said Simeon to Eliza, as he reentered.
Rachel glanced quickly at her husband, as Eliza tremu­lously answered " Yes; " her fears, ever uppermost, sug­gesting that possibly there might be advertisements out for her.
" Mother ! " said Simeon, standing in the porch, and calling Rachel out.                                 v
" What does thee want, father ? " said Rachel, rubbing her floury hands, as she went into the porch.
" This child's husband is in the settlement, and will be here to-night," said Simeon.
" Now, thee does n't say that, father ? " said Rachel, all her face radiant with joy.
" It's really true. Peter was down yesterday, with the wagon, to the other stand, and there he found an old woman and two men ; and one said his name was George Harris, and, from what he told of his history, I am certain who he is. He is a bright, likely fellow, too."
" Shall we tell her now ? " said Simeon.
"Let's tell Ruth," said Rachel. "Here, Ruth, -— come here."
Ruth laid down her knitting-work, and was in the back porch in a moment.
" Ruth, what does thee think ? " said Rachel. " Father says Eliza's husband is in the last company, and will be here to-night."
A burst of joy from the little Quakeress interrupted the speech. She gave such a bound from the floor, as she clapped her little hands, that two stray curls fell from under her Quaker cap, and lay brightly on her white neckerchief.
" Hush thee, dear ! " said Rachel, gently ; " hush, Ruth! Tell us, shall we tell her now ? "
"Now! to be sure,—this very minute. Why, now,