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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            189
the gentleman was Eva's father. There was the same noble cast of head, the same large blue eyes, the same golden-brown hair; yet the expression was wholly differ­ent. In the large, clear, blue eyes, though in form and color exactly similar, there was wanting that misty, dreamy depth of expression ; all was clear, bold, and bright, but with a light wholly of this world : the beautifully cut mouth had a proud and somewhat sarcastic expression, while an air of free-and-easy superiority sat not ungrace­fully in every turn and movement of his fine form. He was listening, with a good-humored, negligent air, half-comic, half-contemptuous, to Haley, who was very volubly expatiating on the quality of the article for which they were bargaining.
" All the moral and Christian virtues bound in black morocco, complete ! " he said, when Haley had finished. " Well, now, my good fellow, what's the damage, as they say in Kentucky; in short, what's to be paid out for this business ? How much are you going to cheat me, now ? Out with it! "
" Wal," said Haley, "if I should say thirteen hundred dollars for that ar fellow, I should n't but just save my­self ; I should n't, now, re'ly."
" Poor fellow! " said the young man, fixing his keen, mocking, blue eye on him ; " but I suppose you 'd let me have him for that, out of a particular regard for me."
" Wal, the young lady here seems to be sot on him, and nat'lly enough."
" Oh, certainly, there is a call on your benevolence, my friend. Now, as a matter of Christian charity, how cheap could you afford to let him go, to oblige a young lady that's particular sot on him ? "
" Wal, now, just think on 't," said the trader; " just look at them limbs, — broad-chested, strong as a horse. Look at his head ; them high forrads allays shows cal-culatin' niggers, that '11 do any kind o' thing. I 've marked that ar. Now, a nigger of that ar heft and build