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190             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
is worth considerable, just as you may say, for his body, supposin' he 's stupid; but come to put in his calculatin' faculties, and them which I can show he has oncommon, why, of course, it makes him come higher. Why, that ar fellow managed his master's whole farm. He has a strornary talent for business."
" Bad, bad, very bad ; knows altogether too much! ' said the young man, with the same mocking smile playing about his mouth. " Never will do, in the world. Your smart fellows are always running off, stealing horses, and raising the devil generally. I think you will have to take off a couple of hundred for his smartness."
" Wal, there might be something in that ar, if it warn't for his character; but I can show recommends from his master and others, to prove he is one of your real pious, — the most humble, prayin', pious crittur ye ever did see. Why, he 's been called a preacher in them parts he came from."
" And I might use him for a family chaplain, possibly," added the young man, dryly. " That 's quite an idea. Religion is a remarkably scarce article at our house."
" You 're joking, now."
" How do you know I am ? Did n't you just warrant him for a preacher ? Has he been examined by any synod or council ? Come, hand over your papers."
If the trader had not been sure, by a certain good-humored twinkle in the large, blue eye, that all this banter was sure, in the long run, to turn out a cash con­cern, he might have been somewhat out of patience ; as it was, he laid down a greasy pocket-book on the cotton-bales, and began anxiously studying over certain papers in it, the young man standing by, the while, looking down on him with an air of careless, easy drollery.
" Papa, do buy him I it 's no matter what you pay," whispered Eva, softly, getting up on a package, and put­ting her arm around her father's neck. "You have money enough, I know. I want him."