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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            211
Seems to me, Dolph," he added, laying his finger on the elegant figured satin vest that Adolph was sporting, " seems to me that 's my vest."
" Oh, Master, this vest all stained with wine ; of course, a gentleman in Master's standing never wears a vest like this. I understood I was to take it. It does for a poor nigger-fellow like me."
And Adolph tossed his head, and passed his fingers through his scented hair, with a grace.
" So, that's it, is it ? " said St. Clare, carelessly. " Well, here, I 'm going to show this Tom to his mistress, and then you take him to the kitchen ; and mind you don't put on any of your airs to him. He 's worth two such puppies as you."
" Master always will have his joke," said Adolph, laugh­ing. " I 'm delighted to see Master in such spirits."
" Here, Tom," said St. Clare, beckoning.
Tom entered the room. He looked wistfully on the velvet carpets, and the before unimagined splendors of mirrors, pictures, statues, and curtains, and, like the Queen of Sheba before Solomon, there was no more spirit in him. He looked afraid even to set his feet down.
" See here, Marie," said St. Clare to his wife, " I 've bought you a coachman, at last, to order. I tell you, he 's a regular hearse for blackness and sobriety, and will drive you like a funeral, if you want. Open your eyes, now, and look at him. Now, don't say I never think about you, when I 'm gone."
Marie opened her eyes, and fixed them on Tom, with­out rising.
" I know he '11 get drunk," she said.
" No, he 's warranted a pious and sober article."
" Well, I hope he may turn out well," said the lady; " it 's more than I expect, though."
" Dolph," said St. Clare, " show Tom down stairs ; and, mind yourself," he added ; " remember what I told you."