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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            213
" You 're subject to the sick-headache, ma'am ? " said Miss Ophelia, suddenly rising from the depths of the large arm-chair, where she had sat quietly, taking an in­ventory of the furniture, and calculating its expense,
" Yes, I 'm a perfect martyr to it," said the lady.
" Juniper-berry tea is good for sick-headache," said Miss Ophelia; " at least, Auguste, Deacon Abraham Perry's wife, used to say so; and she was a great nurse."
" I '11 have the first juniper-berries that get ripe in our garden by the lake brought in for that especial purpose," said St. Clare, gravely pulling the bell as he did so; " meanwhile, cousin, you must be wanting to retire to your apartment, and refresh yourself a little, after your journey. Dolph," he added, " tell Mammy to come here." The decent mulatto woman whom Eva had caressed so rapturously soon entered; she was dressed neatly, with a high red and yellow turban on her head, the recent gift of Eva, and which the child had been arranging on her head. " Mammy," said St. Clare, " I put this lady under your care ; she is tired, and wants rest; take her to her chamber, and be sure she is made comfortable ; " and Miss Ophelia disappeared in the rear of Mammy.