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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            217
stairs, and they every one of them live just as they please. The fact is, our servants are over-indulged. I suppose it \s partly our fault that they are selfish, and act like spoiled children ; but I 've talked to St. Clare till I am tired."
" And I, too," said St. Clare, taking up the morning paper.
Eva, the beautiful Eva, had stood listening to her mother, with that expression of deep and mystic earnest­ness which was peculiar to her. She walked softly round to her mother's chair, and put her arms around her neck.
" Well, Eva, what now ? " said Marie.
" Mamma, could n't I take care of you one night, —just one ? I know I should n't make you nervous, and I should n't sleep. I often lie awake nights, thinking " —
" Oh, nonsense, child, —nonsense ! " said Marie ; " you are such a strange child ! "
" But may I, mamma ? I think," she said, timidly, " that Mammy is n't well. She told me her head ached all the time, lately."
" Oh, that's just one of Mammy's fidgets! Mammy is just like all the rest of them, — makes such a fuss about every little headache or finger-ache ; it '11 never do to en­courage it, — never ! I 'm principled about this matter," said she, turning to Miss Ophelia; " you '11 find the neces­sity of it. If you encourage servants in giving way to every little disagreeable feeling, and complaining of every little ailment, you '11 have your hands full. I never com­plain myself, — nobody knows what I endure. I feel it a duty to bear it quietly, and I do."
Miss Ophelia's round eyes expressed an undisguised amazement at this peroration, which struck St. Clare as so supremely ludicrous that he burst into a loud laugh.
" St. Clare always laughs when I make the least allu­sion to my ill health," said Marie, with the voice of a suf­fering martyr. "I only hope the day won't come when he '11 remember it! " and Marie put her handkerchief to her eyes.