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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            223
it is easier for them ; besides, if you ever looked full in his eye, it's peculiar, — that eye, — and if he speaks decidedly, there 's a kind of flash. I 'ni afraid of it, myself ; and the servants know they must mind. I could n't do as much by a regular storm and scolding as St. Clare can by one turn of his eye, if once he is in earnest. Oh, there 's no trouble about St. Clare; that's the reason he 's no more feeling for me. But you '11 find, when you come to man­age, that there 's no getting along without severity, — they are so bad, so deceitful, so lazy."
" The old tune," said St. Clare, sauntering in. " What an awful account these wicked creatures will have to settle, at last, especially for being lazy ! You see, cousin," said he, as he stretched himself at full length on a lounge opposite to Marie, " it's wholly inexcusable in them, in the light of the example that Marie and I set thern, — this laziness."
" Come, now, St. Clare, you are too bad! " said Marie.
" Am I, now ? Why, I thought I was talking good, quite remarkably for me. I try to enforce your remarks, Marie, always."
" You know you meant no such thing, St. Clare," said Marie.
" Oh, I must have been mistaken, then. Thank you, my dear, for setting me right."
" You do really try to be provoking," said Marie.
" Oh, come, Marie, the day is growing warm, and I have just had a long quarrel with Dolph, which has fatigued me excessively ; so, pray be agreeable, now, and let a fellow repose in the light of your smile."
" What's the matter about Dolph ? " said Marie. " That fellow's impudence has been growing to a point that is perfectly intolerable to me. I only wish I had the undis­puted management of him awhile. I 'd bring him down !'
" What you say, my dear, is marked with your usual acuteness and good sense," said St. Clare. " As to Dolph, the case is this : that he has so long been engaged in imi-