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224             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
tating my graces and perfections, that he has, at last, really mistaken himself for his master; and I have been obliged to give him a little insight into his mistake."
" How ? " said Marie.
" Why , I was obliged to let him understand explicitly that I preferred to keep some of my clothes for my own personal wearing; also, I put his magnificence upon an allowance of cologne-water, and actually was so cruel as to restrict him to one dozen of my cambric handkerchiefs. Dolph was particularly huffy about it, and I had to talk to him like a father, to bring him round."
" Oh, St. Clare, when will you learn how to treat your servants ? It's abominable, the way you indulge them !' said Marie.
" Why, after all, what 's the harm of the poor dog's wanting to be like his master; and if I have n't brought him up any better than to find his chief good in cologne and cambric handkerchiefs, why should n't I give them to him ? "
" And why have n't you brought him up better ? " said Miss Ophelia, with blunt determination.
" Too much trouble, laziness, cousin, laziness, which ruins more souls than you can shake a stick at. If it were n't for laziness, I should have been a perfect angel, myself. I 'm inclined to think that laziness is what your old Dr. Botherem, up in Vermont, used to call the ' essence of moral evil/ It's an awful consideration, certainly."
" I think you slave-holders have an awful responsibility upon you," said Miss Ophelia. "I wouldn't have it, for a thousand worlds. You ought to educate your slaves, and treat them like reasonable creatures, like immortal creatures, that you 've got to stand before the bar of God with. That 's my mind," said the good lady, breaking suddenly out with a tide of zeal that had been gaining strength in her mind all the morning.
" Oh, come, come," said St. Clare, getting up quickly; " what do you know about us ? " And he sat down to the