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230             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN OR
" What! your beautiful gold thing, thar, with them diamonds ! Lor, Miss, 't would n't be proper, noways."
" Why not ? You need it, and I don't. Mamma al­ways uses it for headache, and it '11 make you feel better. No, you shall take it, to please me, now."
" Do hear the darling talk ! " said Mammy, as Eva thrust it into her bosom, and, kissing her, ran downstairs to her mother.
" What were you stopping for ? "
" I was just stopping to give Mammy my vinaigrette, to take to church with her."
" Eva! ' said Marie, stamping impatiently, — " your gold vinaigrette to Mammy ! When will you learn what's-proper ? Go right and take it back, this moment! "
Eva looked downcast and aggrieved, and turned slowly.
" I say, Marie, let the child alone ; she shall do as she pleases," said St. Clare.
" St. Clare, how will she ever get along in the world ?' said Marie.
" The Lord knows," said St. Clare ; " but she 11 get along in heaven better than you or I."
" Oh, papa, don't," said Eva, softly touching his elbow; " it troubles mother."
" Well, cousin, are you ready to go to meeting ? " said Miss Ophelia, turning square about on St. Clare.
" I 'm not going, thank you."
" I do wish St. Clare ever would go to church," said Marie ; " but he has n't a particle of religion about him. It really is n't respectable."
" I know it," said St. Clare. " You ladies go to church to learn how to get along in the world, I suppose, and your piety sheds respectability on us. If I did go at all, I would go where Mammy goes; there 's something to keep a fellow awake there, at least."
" What! those shouting Methodists ? Horrible !" said Marie.
" Anything but the dead sea of your respectable