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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            231
churches, Marie. Positively, it 's too much to ask of a man. Eva, do you like to go ? Come, stay at home and play with me."
" Thank you, papa ; but I 'd rather go to church."
" Is n't it dreadful tiresome ? " said St. Clare.
" I think it is tiresome, some," said Eva ; " and I am sleepy, too, but I try to keep awake."
" What do you go for, then ? "
" Why, you know, papa," she said, in a whisper, u cousin told me that God wants to have us ; and He gives us everything, you know; and it is n't much to do it, if He wants us to. It is n't so very tiresome, after all."
" You sweet, little obliging soul! " said St. Clare, kissing her ; "go along, that 's a good girl, and pray for me."
" Certainly, I always do," said the child, as she sprang after her mother into the carriage.
St. Clare stood on the steps and kissed his hand to her, as the carriage drove away ; large tears were in his eyes.
" Oh ! Evangeline !. rightly named," he said ; " hath not God made thee an evangel to me ? "
So he felt a moment; and then he smoked a cigar, and read the Picayune, and forgot his little gospel. Was he much unlike other folks ?
" You see, Evangeline," said her mother, " it 's always right and proper to be kind to servants, but it is n't proper to treat them just as we would our relations, or people in our own class of life. Now, if Mammy was sick, you would n't want to put her in your bed."
"I should feel just like it, mamma," said Eva, "be­cause then it would be handier to take care of her, and be­cause, you know, my bed is better than hers."
Marie was in utter despair at the entire want of moral perception evinced in this reply.
" What can I do to make this child understand me ?' she said.
"Nothing," said Miss Ophelia, significantly.