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240             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
foundly thoughtful ; Eliza had thrown her arms around her husband, and was looking up to him. George stood with clenched hands and glowing eyes, and looking as any other man might look, whose wife was to be sold at auc­tion, and son sent to a trader, all under the shelter of a Christian nation's laws.
" "What shall we do, George ? " said Eliza, faintly.
" I know what / shall do," said George, as he stepped into the little room, and began examining his pistols.
" Ay, ay," said Phineas, nodding his head to Simeon ; " thou seest, Simeon, how it will work."
" I see," said Simeon, sighing ; " I pray it come not to that."
" I don't want to involve any one with or for me," said George. " If you will lend me your vehicle and direct me, I will drive alone to the next stand. Jim is a giant in strength, and brave as death and desjmir, and so am I."
" Ah, well, friend," said Phineas, " but thee '11 need a driver, for all that- Thee 's quite welcome to do all the fighting, thee knows; but I know a thing or two about the road, that thee does n't."
" But I don't want to involve you," said George.
" Involve," said Phineas, with a curious and keen ex­pression of face. " When thee does involve me, please to let me know."
" Phineas is a wise and skillful man," said Simeon. " Thee does well, George, to abide by his judgment; and," he added, laying his hand kindly on George's shoulder, and pointing to the pistols, " be not over hasty with these, — young blood is hot."
" I will attack no man," said George. " All I ask of this country is to be let alone, and I will go out peaceably; but," — he paused, and his brow darkened and his face worked, — " I 've had a sister sold in that New Orleans market. I know what they are sold for ; and am I going to stand by and see them take my wife and sell her, when God has given me a pair of strong arms to defend her ?