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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            243
knew you, Eliza, no creature ever had loved me but my poor, heart-broken mother and sister. I saw poor Emily that morning the trader carried her off. She came to the corner where I was lying asleep, and said, ' Poor George, your last friend is going. What will become of you, poor boy ? ' And I got up and threw my arms round her, and cried and sobbed, and she cried too ; and those were the last kind words I got for ten long years ; and my heart all withered up, and felt as dry as ashes, till I met you. And your loving me, — why, it was almost like raising one from the dead! I 've been a new man ever since ! And now, Eliza, I '11 give my last drop of blood, but they shall not take you from me. Whoever gets you must walk over my dead body."
" 0 Lord, have mercy ! " said Eliza, sobbing. " If' He will only let us get out of this country together, that is all we ask."
" Is God on their side ? " said George, speaking less to his wife than pouring out his own bitter thoughts. " Does He see all they do ? Why does He let such things happen ? And they tell us that the Bible is on their side ; certainly all the power is. They are rich, and healthy, and happy; they are members of churches, expecting to go to heaven; and they get along so easy in the world, and have it all their own way ; and poor, honest, faithful Christians — Christians as good or better than they — are lying in the very dust under their feet. They buy 'em and sell 'em, and make trade of their heart's blood, and groans and tears, — and God lets them."
" Friend George," said Simeon, from the kitchen, " lis­ten to this Psalm; it may do thee good."
George drew his seat near the door, and Eliza, wiping her tears, came forward also to listen, while Simeon read as follows: —
" ' But as for me, my feet were almost gone ; my steps had wellnigh slipped. For I was envious of the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. They are not