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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY             24S
and man, they had a weight that could not but be felt, and both the poor, desolate fugitives found calmness and strength breathing into them from it.
And now Rachel took Eliza's hand kindly, and led the way to the supper-table. As they were sitting down, a light tap sounded at the door, and Ruth entered.
" I just ran in," she said, " with these little stockings for the boy, three pair, nice, warm woolen ones. It will be so cold, thee knows, in Canada. Does thee keep up good courage, Eliza?'1 she added, tripping round to Eliza's side of the table, and shaking her warmly by the hand, and slipping a seed-cake into Harry's hand. " I brought a little parcel of these for him," she said, tugging at her pocket to get out the package. " Children, thee-knows, will always be eating."
" Oh, thank you ; you are too kind," said Eliza.
" Come, Ruth, sit down to supper," said Rachel.
"I could n't, anyway. I left John with the baby, and some biscuits in the oven; and I can't stay a moment, else John will burn up all the biscuits, and give the baby all the sugar in the bowl. That's the way he does," said the little Quakeress, laughing. " So, good-by, Eliza; good-by, George ; the Lord grant thee a safe journey; " and, with a few tripping steps, Ruth was out of the apartment.
A little while after supper, a large covered wagon drew up before the door ; the night was clear starlight; and Phineas jumped briskly down from his seat to arrange his passengers. George walked out of the door, with his child on one arm and his wife on the other. His step was firm, his face settled and resolute. Rachel and Simeon came out after them.
" You get out* a moment," said Phineas to those inside, "and let me fix the back of the wagon, there, for the women-folks and the boy."
"Here are the two buffaloes," said Rachel. "Make the seats as comfortable as maybe; it's hard riding all night."