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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            253
George fired, — the shot entered his side, — but, though wounded, he would not retreat, but, with a yell like that of a mad bull, he was leaping right across the chasm into the party.
" Friend," said Phineas, suddenly stepping to the front, and meeting him with a push from his long arms, " thee is n't wanted here."
Down he fell into the chasm, crackling down among trees, bushes, logs, loose stones, till he lay, bruised and groaning, thirty feet below. The fall might have killed him, had it not been broken and moderated by his clothes catching in the branches of a large tree ; but he came down with some force, however, — more than was at all agree­able or convenient.
" Lord help us, they are perfect devils! " said Marks, heading the retreat down the rocks with much more of a will than he had joined the ascent, while all the party came tumbling precipitately after him, — the fat constable, in particular, blowing and puffing in a very energetic manner.
" I say, fellers," said Marks, " you jist go round and pick up Tom, there, while I run and get on to my horse, to go back for help, — that's you ; " and, without minding the hootings and jeers of his company, Marks was as good as his word, and was soon seen galloping away.
" Was ever such a sneaking varmint ? " said one of the men ; " to come on his business, and he clear out and leave us this yer way ! "
" Well, we must pick up that feller," said another. " Cuss me if I much care whether he is dead or alive."
The men, led by the groans of Tom, scrambled and crackled through stumps, logs, and bushes, to where that hero lay groaning and swearing, with alternate vehemence.
" Ye keep it a-going pretty loud, Tom," said one. " Ye much hurt ? "
" Don't know. Get me up, can't ye ? Blast that in­fernal Quaker ! If it had n't been for him, I 'd 'a' pitched some on 'em down here, to see how they liked it."