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254             UNCLE TOMS CABIN; OR
With much labor and groaning, the fallen hero was assisted to rise ; and, with one holding him up under each shoulder, they got him as far as the horses.
" If you could only get me a mile back to that ar tavern. Give me a handkerchief or something, to stuff into this place, and stop this infernal bleeding."
George looked over the rocks, and saw them trying to lift the burly form of Tom into the saddle. After two or three ineffectual attempts, he reeled, and fell heavily to the ground.
" Oh, I hope he is n't killed ! " said Eliza, who, with all the party, stood watching the proceeding.
" Why not ? " said Phineas ; " serves him right."
'* Because, after death comes the judgment," said Eliza.
" Yes," said the old woman, who had been groaning and praying, in her Methodist fashion, during all the encounter, " it's an awful case for the poor crittur's soul."
" On my word, they 're leaving him, I do believe," said Phineas.
It was true; for after some appearance of irresolution and consultation, the whole party got on their horses and rode away. When they were quite out of sight, Phineas began to bestir himself.
" Well, we must go down and walk a piece," he said. "I told Michael to go forward and bring help, and be along back here with the wagon; but we shall have to walk a piece along the road, I reckon, to meet them. The Lord grant he be along soon! It 's early in the dajr; there won't be much travel afoot yet awhile ; we an't much more than two miles from our stopping-place. If the road had n't been so rough last night, we could have outrun 'em entirely."
As the party neared the fence, they discovered in the distance, along the road, their own wagon coming back, accompanied by some men on horseback.
" Well, now, there 's Michael, and Stephen, and Ama-riah," exclaimed Phineas, joyfully. " Now we are made, as safe as if we 'd got there."