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258             UNCLE TOMS CABIN; OR
miss Ophelia's experiences and opinions.
Our friend Tom, in his own simple musings, often com­pared his more fortunate lot, in the bondage into which he was cast, with that of Joseph in Egypt; and, in fact, as time went on, and he developed more and more under the eye of his master, the strength of the parallel increased.
St. Clare was indolent and careless of money. Hither­to the providing and marketing had been principally done by Adolph, who was, to the full, as careless and extrava­gant as his master; and, between them both, they had carried on the dispersing process with great alacrity. Ac­customed, for many years, to regard his master's property as his own care, Tom saw, with an uneasiness he could scarcely repress, the wasteful expenditure of the establish­ment ; and, in the quiet, indirect way which his cjass often acquire, would sometimes make his own suggestions.
St. Clare at first employed him occasionally ; but, struck with his soundness of mind and good business capacity, he confided in him more and more, till gradually all the marketing and providing for the family were intrusted to him.
"No, no, Adolph," he said one day, as Adolph was dep­recating the passing of power out of his hands ; " let Tom alone. You only understand what you want; Tom under­stands cost and come to; and there may be some end to money, by and by, if we don't let somebody do that."
Trusted to an unlimited extent by a careless master, who handed him a bill without looking at it, and pocketed the change without counting it, Tom had every facility and temptation to dishonesty; and nothing but an impreg-