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274             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Why, Mr. St. Clare is so impudent! "
" On my honor," said Adolph, " I '11 leave it to Miss Rosa, now."
" I know he 's always a saucy creature," said Rosa, poising herself on one of her little feet, and looking maliciously at Adolph. " He 's always getting me so angry with him."
" Oh, ladies, ladies, you will certainly break my heart, between you," said Adolph. " I shall be found dead in my bed, some morning, and you '11 have it to answer for."
" Do hear the horrid creature talk ! " said both ladies, laughing immoderately.
" Come, clar out, you ! I can't have you cluttering up the kitchen," said Dinah; " in my way, foolin' round here."
" Aunt Dinah's glum, because she can't go to the ball," said Rosa.
" Don't want none o' your light-colored balls," said Dinah ; " cuttin' round, makin' b'lieve you 's white folks. Arter all, you 's niggers, much as I am."
" Aunt Dinah greases her wool stiff, every day, to make it lie straight," said Jane.
" And it will be wool, after all," said Rosa, maliciously shaking down her long, silky curls.
" Well, in the Lord's sight, an't wool as good as har any time ? " said Dinah. " I 'd like to have Missis say which is worth the most, a couple such as you, or one like me. Get out wid ye, ye trumpery, I won't have ye round ! "
Here the conversation was interrupted in a twofold manner. St. Clare's voice was heard at the head of the stairs, asking Adolph if he meant to stay all night with his shaving-water ; and Miss Ophelia, coming out of the dining-room, said,
" Jane and Rosa, what are you wasting your time for, here ? Go in and attend to your muslins."
Our friend Tom, who had been in the kitchen during