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296            UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
a mustering among the masses, the world over ; and there is a dies irce coming on, sooner or later. The same thing is working in Europe, in England, and in this country. My mother used to tell me of a millennium that was com­ing, when Christ should reign, and all men should be free and happy. And she taught me, when I was a boy, to pray, ' Thy kingdom come.' Sometimes I think all this sighing, and groaning, and stirring among the dry bones foretells what she used to tell me was coming. But who may abide the day of his appearing ? "
" Augustine, sometimes I think you are not far from the kingdom," said Miss Ophelia, laying down her knit­ting, and looking anxiously at her cousin.
" Thank you for your good opinion ; but it 's up and down with me, — up to heaven's gate in theory, down in earth's dust in practice. But there ?s the tea-bell, — do let 's go, — and don't say, now, I have n't had one down­right serious talk, for once in my life."
At table, Marie alluded to the incident of Prue. " I suppose you '11 think, cousin," she said, " that we are all barbarians."
" I think that 's a barbarous thing," said Miss Ophelia, "but I don't think you are all barbarians."
" Well, now," said Marie, " I know it 's impossible to get along with some of these creatures. They are so bad they ought not to live. I don't feel a particle of sym­pathy for such cases. If they 'd only behave themselves, it would not happen."
" But, mamma," said Eva, " the poor creature was un­happy ; that's what made her drink."
" Oh, fiddlestick! as if that were any excuse! I 'm unhappy, very often. I presume," she said, pensively, " that I 've had greater trials than ever she had. It 's just because they are so bad. There 's some of them that you cannot break in by any kind of severity. I remem­ber father had a man that was so lazy he would run away just to get rid of work, and lie round in the swamps,