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300             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
while he was working, and breathing very hard, in his earnestness, Eva alighted, like a bird, on the round of his chair behind him, and peeped over his shoulder.
" Oh, Uncle Tom! what funny things you are making there!"
" I 'm trying to write to my poor old woman, Miss Eva, and my little chil'en," said Tom, drawing the back of his hand over his eyes; " but, somehow, I 'm 'feard I shan't make it out."
" I wish I could help you, Tom ! I 've learnt to write some. Last year I could make all the letters, but I 'm afraid I 've forgotten."
So Eva put her little golden head close to his, and the two commenced a grave and anxious discussion, each one equally earnest, and about equally ignorant; and, with a deal of consulting and advising over every word, the com­position began, as they both felt very sanguine, to look quite like writing.
" Yes, Uncle Tom, it really begins to look beautiful," said Eva, gazing delightedly on it. " How pleased your wife '11 be, and the poor little children ! Oh, it's a shame you ever had to go away from them ! I mean to ask papa to let you go back, sometime."
" Missis said that she would send down money for me, as soon as they could get it together," said Tom. " I 'm 'spectin' she will. Young Mas'r George, he said he 'd come for me ; and he gave me this yer dollar as a sign;" and Tom drew from under his clothes the precious dollar.
" Oh, he '11 certainly come, then ! " said Eva. "I'm so glad!"
" And I wanted to send a letter, you know, to let 'em know whar I was, and tell poor Chloe that I was well off, — 'cause she felt so drefful, poor soul! "
" I say, Tom! " said St. Clare's voice, coming in the door at this moment.
Tom and Eva both started.
" What's here ? " said St. Clare, coming up and looking at the slate.