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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            309
braided tails wherein her heart had delighted, arrayed in a clean gown, with well-starched apron, standing rever­ently before Miss Ophelia, with an expression of solemnity well befitting a funeral.
" Now, Topsy, I 'm going to show you just how my bed is to be made. I am very particular about my bed. You must learn exactly how to do it."
" Yes, ma'am," says Topsy, with a deep sigh, and a face of woeful earnestness.
" Now, Topsy, look here ; — this is the hem of the sheet,
— this is the right side of the sheet, and this is the wrong;
— will vou remember ? "
" Yes, ma'am," says Topsy, with another sigh.
" Well, now, the under sheet you must bring over the bolster, — so, — and tuck it clear down under the mattress nice and smooth, — so, — do you see ? "
" Yes, ma'am," said Topsy, with profound attention.
" But the upper sheet," said Miss Ophelia, " must be brought down in this way, and tucked under firm and smooth at the foot, — so, — the narrow hem at the foot."
" Yes, ma'am," said Topsy, as before ; but we will add, what Miss Ophelia did not see, that, during the time when the good lady's back was turned, in the zeal of her mani­pulations, the young disciple had contrived to snatch a pair of gloves and a ribbon, which she had adroitly slipped into her sleeves, and stood with her hands dutifully folded, as before.
" Now, Topsy, let's see you do this," said Miss Ophelia, pulling off the clothes, and seating herself.
Topsy, with great gravity and adroitness, went through the exercise completely to Miss Ophelia's satisfaction; smoothing the sheets, patting out every wrinkle, and ex­hibiting, through the whole process, a gravity and serious­ness with which her instructress was greatly edified. By an unlucky slip, however, a fluttering fragment of the rib­bon hung out of one of her sleeves, just as she was finish­ing, and caught Miss Ophelia's attention. Instantly she