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326             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
u Some four or five years, Chloe ; but, then, you need n't do it all, — I shall add something to it."
" I would n't hear to Missis' givin' lessons nor nothin'. Mas'r 's quite right in dat ar ; — 't would n't do, noways. I hope none our family ever be brought to dat ar, while I's got hands."
" Don't fear, Chloe; I '11 take care of the honor of the family," said Mrs. Shelby, smiling. " But when do you expect to go ? "
" Well, I warn't spectin' nothin'; only Sam, he's a-gwine to de river with some colts, and he said I could go 'long with him ; so I jes put my things together. If Missis was willin', I 'd go with Sam to-morrow morning, if Missis would write my pass, and write me a commenda­tion."
" Well, Chloe, I '11 attend to it, if Mr. Shelby has no objections. I must speak to him."
Mrs. Shelby went upstairs, and Aunt Chloe, delighted, went out to her cabin, to make her preparation.
" Law sakes, Mas'r George ! ye did n't know I's a-gwine to Louisville to-morrow! " she said to George, as, entering her cabin, he found her busy in sorting over her baby's clothes. " I thought I 'd jis look over sis's things, and get 'em straightened up. But I 'm gwine, Mas'r George, — gwine to have four dollars a week; and Missis is gwine to lay it all up, to buy back my old man agin! "
" Whew ! " said George, " here 's a stroke of business, to be sure ! How are you going ? "
" To-morrow, wid Sam. And new, Mas'r George, I knows you '11 jis sit down and write to my old man, and tell him all about it, won't ye ? "
" To be sure," said George; " Uncle Tom '11 be right glad to hear from us. I '11 go right in the house, for paper and ink; and then, you know, Aunt Chloe, I can tell about the new colts and all."
" Sartin, sartin, Mas'r George; you go 'long, and I '11 get ye up a bit o' chicken, or some sich; ye won't have many more suppers wid yer poor old aunty."