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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY             341
it is that the masses are to rise, and the under class be­come the upper one."
" That's one of your red republican humbugs, Augus­tine ! Why did n't you ever take to the stump ; — you 'd make a famous stump orator! Well, I hope I shall be dead before this millennium of your greasy masses comes on."
" Greasy or not greasy, they will govern you, when their time comes," said Augustine ; " and they will be just such rulers as you make them. The French noblesse chose to have the people ' sans culotte,1 and they had ' sans culotte' governors to their hearts' content. The people of Hayti " —
" Oh, come, Augustine, as if we had n't had enough of that abominable, contemptible Hayti! The Haytiens were not Anglo-Saxons ; if they had been, there would have been another story. The Anglo-Saxon is the dominant race of the world, and is to be so."
" Well, there is a pretty fair infusion of Anglo-Saxon blood among our slaves, now," said Augustine. " There are plenty among them who have only enough of the Afri­can to give a sort of tropical warmth and fervor to our cal­culating firmness and foresight. If ever the San Domingo hour comes, Anglo-Saxon blood will lead on the day. Sons of white fathers, with all our haughty feelings burning in their veins, will not always be bought and sold and traded. They will rise, and raise with them their mother's race."
" Stuff! — nonsense !"
" Well," said Augustine, " there goes an old saying to this effect: i As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be ; — they ate, they drank, they planted, they builded, and knew not till the flood came and took them.' "
" On the whole, Augustine, I think your talents might do for a circuit-rider," said Alfred, laughing. " Never you fear for us ; possession is our nine points. We 've got the power. This subject race," said he, stamping firmly, " is down, and shall stay down ! We have energy enough to manage our own powder."