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342             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Sons trained like your Henrique will be grand guard­ians of your powder-magazines," said Augustine, — " so cool and self-possessed ! The proverb says, * They that cannot govern themselves cannot govern others.':
" There is a trouble there," said Alfred, thoughtfully; " there 's no doubt that our system is a difficult one to train children under. It gives too free scope to the pas­sions, altogether, which, in our climate, are hot enough. I.find trouble with Henrique. The boy is generous and warm-hearted, but a perfect fire-cracker when excited. I believe I shall send him North for his education, where obedience is more fashionable, and where he will associate more with equals, and less with dej3endants."
" Since training children is the staple work of the hu­man race," said Augustine, "I should think it something of a consideration that our system does not work well there."
" It does not for some things," said Alfred; " for others, again, it does. It makes boys manly and courageous; and the very vices of an abject race tend to strengthen in them the opposite virtues. I think Henrique, now, has a keener sense of the beauty of truth, from seeing lying and deception the universal badge of slavery."
" A Christian-like view of the subject; certainly ! " said Augustine.
u It's true, Christian-like or not; and is about as Christian-like as most other things ii* the world," said Alfred.
" That may be," said St. Clare.
" Well, there 's no use in talking, Augustine. I believe we 've been round and round this old track five hundred times, more or less. What do you say to a game of back­gammon ? "
The two brothers ran up the veranda steps, and were soon seated at a light bamboo stand, with the backgdmmon-board between them. As they were setting their men, Alfred said, —