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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            343
" I tell you, Augustine, if I thought as you do, I should do something."
" I dare say you would, — you are one of the doing sort, — but what ? "
" Why, elevate your own servants, for a specimen," said Alfred, with a half-scornful smile.
" You might as well set Mount JEtna on them flat, and tell them to stand up under it, as tell me to elevate my servants under all the superincumbent mass of society upon them. One man can do nothing, against the whole action of a community. Education, to do anything, must be a state education; or there must be enough agreed in it to make a current."
" You take the first throw," said Alfred; and the brothers were soon lost in the game, and heard no more till the scraping of horses' feet was heard under the veranda.
" There come the children," said Augustine, rising. " Look here, Alf! Did you ever see anything so beauti­ful ? ' And, in truth, it was a beautiful sight. Henrique, with his bold brow, and dark, glossy curls, and glowing cheek, was' laughing gayly, as he bent towards his fair cousin, as they came on. She was dressed in a blue rid­ing-dress, with a cap of the same color. Exercise had given a brilliant hue to her cheeks, and heightened the effect of her singularly transparent skin, and golden hair.
" Good heavens ! what perfectly dazzling beauty ! " said Alfred. " I tell you, Auguste, won't she make some hearts ache, one of these days ? "
" She will, too truly, — God knows I 'm afraid so ! ' said St. Clare, in a tone of sudden bitterness, as he hur­ried down to take her off her horse.
" Eva, darling ! you 're not much tired ? " he said, as he clasped her in his arms.
" No, papa," said the child ; but her short, hard breath­ing alarmed her father.
"How could you ride so fast, dear?—you know it's bad for you."