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344             UNCLE TOMS CABIN; OR
"I felt so well, papa, and liked it so much, I forgot."
St. Clare carried her in his arms into the parlor, and laid her on the sofa.
" Henrique, you must be careful of Eva," said he ; "you must n't ride fast with her."
"I'11 take her under my care," said Henrique, seating himself by the sofa, and taking Eva's hand.
Eva soon found herself much better. Her father and uncle resumed their game, and the children were left to­gether.
" Do you know, Eva, I 'm so sorry papa is only going to stay two days here, and then I shan't see you again for ever so long ! If I stay with you, I 'd try to be good, and not be cross to Dodo, and so on. I don't mean to treat Dodo ill; but, you know, I 've got such a quick temper. I 'm not really bad to him, though. I give him a picayune, now and then ; and you see he dresses well. I think, on the whole, Dodo 's pretty well off."
" Would you think you were well off, if there were not one creature in the world near you to love you ?"'
" I ? — Well, of course not."
" And you have taken Dodo away from all the friends he ever had, and now he has not a creature to love him; — nobody can be good that way."
" Well, I can't help it, as I know of. I can't get his mother, and I can't love him myself, nor anybody else, as I know of."
« Why can't you ? " said Eva.
"Love Dodo ! Why, Eva, you would n't have me ! I may like him well enough; but you don't love your ser­vants."
" I do, indeed."
" How odd ! "
" Don't the Bible say we must love everybody ? "
" Oh, the Bible ! To be sure, it says a great many such things ; but, then, nobody ever think? of doing them, — you know, Eva, nobody does."