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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY             359
loves all alike? He is just as willing to love you as me. He loves you just as I do, — only more, because He is better. He will help you to be good ; and you can go to heaven at last, and be an angel forever, just as much as if you were white. Only think of it, Topsy ! — you, can be one of those spirits bright, Uncle Tom sings about."
" Oh, dear Miss Eva, dear Miss Eva ! " said the child, " I will try, I will try; I never did care nothin' about it before."
St. Clare, at this instant, dropped the curtain. " It puts me in mind of mother," he said to Miss Ophelia. " It is true what she told me; if we want to give sight to the blind, we must be willing to do as Christ did, — call them to us, and put our hands on them."
" I 've always had a prejudice against negroes," said Miss Ophelia, " and it's a fact, I never could bear to have that child touch me ; but I did n't think she knew it."
" Trust any child to find that out," said St. Clare; " there 's no keeping it from them. But I believe that all the trying in the world to benefit a child, and all the sub­stantial favors you can do them, will never excite one emotion of gratitude, while that feeling of repugnance re­mains in the heart; —it's a queer kind of a fact, —but
SO it IS.
" I don't know how I can help it," said Miss Ophelia; " they are disagreeable to me, — this child in particular, — how can I help feeling so ? "
" Eva does, it seems."
" Well, she 's so loving! After all, though, she 's no more than Christ-like," said Miss Ophelia; " I wish I were like her. She might teach me a lesson."
" It would n't be the first time a little child had been used to instruct an old disciple, if it were so," said St. Clare.