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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            363
" Not since she 's been here, I 'm sure. If she has n't been talked to, and preached to, and every earthly thing done that anybody could do ; — and she 's just so ugly, and always will be ; you can't make anything of the crea­ture ! "
" But, mamma, it's so different to be brought up as I 've been, with so many friends, so many things to make me good and happy; and to be brought up as she 's been, all the time, till she came here ! "
" Most likely," said Marie, yawning, — " dear me, how hot it is ! "
" Mamma, you believe, don't you, that Topsy could be­come an angel, as well as any of us, if she were a Chris­tian ? "
4< Topsy ! what a ridiculous idea ! Nobody but you would ever think of it. I suppose she could, though."
" But, mamma, is n't God her father, as much as ours ? Is n't Jesus her Saviour ? "
" Well, that may be. I suppose God made everybody," said Marie. " Where is my smelling-bottle ? "
" It's such a pity,— oh ! such a pity ! " said Eva, looking out on the distant lake, and speaking half to herself.
" What's a pity ? " said Marie.
" Why, that any one, who could be a bright angel, and live with angels, should go all down, down, down, and no­body help them ! — Oh, dear ! "
" Well, we can't help it; it's no use worrying, Eva ! I don't know what's to be done ; we ought to be thankful for our own advantages."
" I hardly can be," said Eva, " I 'm so sorry to think of poor folks that have n't any."
" That's odd enough," said Marie ; — "I 'm sure my religion makes me thankful for my advantages."
" Mamma," said Eva, " I want to have some of my hair cut off, — a good deal of it."
" What for ? " said Marie.
"Mamma, I want to give some away to my friends,