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368             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Where did you start up from ? " she said, suddenly.
" I was here," said Topsy, wiping the tears from her eyes. " Oh, Miss Eva, I 've been a bad girl; but won't you give me one, too ? "
" Yes, poor Topsy ! to be sure I will. There — every time you look at that, think that I love you, and wanted you to be a good girl! "
" Oh, Miss Eva, I is tryin'! " said Topsy, earnestly; " but, Lor, it's so hard to be good! 'Pears like I an't used to it, noways ! "
" Jesus knows it, Topsy; He is sorry for you; He will help you."
Topsy, with her eyes hid in her apron, was silently passed from the apartment by Miss Ophelia; but, as she went, she hid the precious curl in her bosom.
All being gone, Miss Ophelia shut the door. That worthy lady had wiped away many tears of her own, dur­ing the scene ; but concern for the consequence of such an excitement to her young charge was uppermost in her mind.
St. Clare had been sitting, during the whole time, with his hand shading his eyes, in the same attitude. When they were all gone, he sat so still.
" Papa! " said Eva, gently, laying her hand on his.
He gave a sudden start and shiver; but made no an­swer.
" Dear papa! " said Eva.
"I cannot" said St. Clare, rising, "I cannot have it so! The Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me ! " and St. Clare pronounced these words with a bitter em­phasis, indeed.
" Augustine ! has not God a right to do what He will with his own ? " said Miss Ophelia.
" Perhaps so; but that does n't make it any easier to bear," said he, with a dry, hard, tearless manner, as he turned away.
" Papa, you break my heart!' said Eva, rising and