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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            369
throwing herself into his arms ; " you must not feel so! " and the child sobbed and wept with a violence which alarmed them all, and turned her father's thoughts at once to another channel.
" There, Eva, — there, dearest! Hush ! hush ! I was wrong; I was wicked. I will feel anyway, do anyway, — only don't distress yourself; don't sob so. I will be resigned ; I was wicked to speak as I did."
Eva soon lay like a wearied dove in her father's arms ; and he, bending over her, soothed her by every tender word he could think of.
Marie rose and threw herself out of the apartment into her own, when she fell into violent hysterics.
" You did n't give me a curl, Eva," said her father, smiling sadly.
" They are all yours, papa," said she, smiling, — " yours and mamma's ; and you must give dear aunty as many as she wants. I only gave them to our poor people myself, because you know, papa, they might be forgotten when I am gone, and because I hoped it might help th6m remem­ber. ... You are a Christian, are you not, papa ? " said Eva, doubtfujlv-
" Why do you ask me ? "
" I don't know. You are so good, I don't see how you can help it."
" What is being a Christian, Eva ? "
" Loving Christ most of all," said Eva.
"Do you, Eva?"
« Certainly I do."
" You never saw Him," said St. Clare.
" That makes no difference," said Eva. " I believe Him, and in a few days I shall see Him; " and the young face grew fervent, radiant with joy.
St. Clare said no more. It was a feeling which he had seen before in his mother; but no chord within vibrated to it.
Eva, after this, declined rapidly; there was no more