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374             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Cousin," she said, " I wish you would come."
Those words fell on his heart like clods upon a coffin. Why did they ? He was up and in the room in an instant, and bending over Eva, who still slept.
What was it he saw that made his heart stand still? Why was no word spoken between the two ? Thou canst say, who hast seen that same expression on the face dear­est to thee ; — that look indescribable, hopeless, unmis­takable, that says to thee that thy beloved is no longer thine.
On the face of the child, however, there was no ghastly imprint, — only a high and almost sublime expression, — the overshadowing presence of spiritual natures, the dawn­ing of immortal life in that childish soul.
They stood there so still, gazing upon her, that even the ticking of the watch seemed too loud. In a few moments Tom returned, with the doctor. He entered, gave one look, and stood silent as the rest.
" When did this change take place ? " said he, in a low whisper, to Miss Ophelia.
" About the turn of the night," was the reply.
Marie, roused by the entrance of the doctor, appeared, hurriedly, from the next room.
" Augustine ! Cousin ! — Oh ! — what! " she hurriedly began.
" Hush ! " said St. Clare, hoarsely ; " she is dying ! '
Mammy heard the wrords, and flew to awaken the ser­vants. The house was soon aroused, — lights were seen, footsteps heard ; anxious faces thronged the veranda, and looked tearfully, through the glass doors ; but St. Clare heard and said nothing, — he saw only that look on the face of the little sleeper.
" Oh, if she would only wake, and speak once more ! ' he said; and. stooping over her, he spoke in her ear, — " Eva, darling ! "
The large blue eyes unclosed, — a smile passed over hei face ; — she tried to raise her head, and to speak.