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378             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
Rosa suddenly retreated, and Topsy came forward and laid her offering at the feet of the corpse; then suddenly, with a wild and bitter cry, she threw herself on the floor alongside the bed, and wept, and moaned aloud.
Miss Ophelia hastened into the room, and tried to raise and silence her; but in vain.
" Oh, Miss Eva! Oh, Miss Eva! I wish I 's dead too, —I do!"
There was a piercing wildness in the cry; the blood flushed into St. Clare's white, marble-like face, and the first tears he had shed since Eva died stood in his eyes.
" Get up, child," said Miss Ophelia, in a softened voice ; " don't cry so. Miss Eva is gone to heaven; she is an angel."
" But I can't see her ! " said Topsy. " I never shall see her! " and she sobbed again. They all stood a moment in silence. " She said she loved me," said Topsy, — " she did ! Oh, dear ! Oh, dear ! there an't nobody left now, — there an't! "
"That's true enough," said St. Clare ; "but do," he said to Miss Ophelia, " see if you can't comfort the poor creature."
" I jist wish I had n't never been born," said Topsy. " I did n't want to be born, noways; and I don't see no use on 't."
Miss Ophelia raised her gently, but firmly, and took her from the room; but, as she did so, some tears fell from her eyes.
" Topsy, you poor child," she said, as she led her into her room, w don't give up ! I can love you, though I am not like that dear little child. I hope I 've learnt some­thing of the love of Christ from her. I can love you ; I do, and I '11 try to help you to grow up a good Christian girl.';
Miss Ophelia's voice was more than her words, and more than that were the honest tears that fell down her