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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            381
little Eva; but he seems to be forgetting her very easily. I cannot ever get him to talk about her. I really did think he would show more feeling! "
" Still waters run deepest, they used to tell me," said Miss Ophelia, oracularly.
" Oh, I don't believe in such things; it's all talk. If people have feeling, they will show it, — they can't help it; but, then, it's a great misfortune to have feeling. I 'd rather have been made like St. Clare. My feelings prey upon me so ! "
" Sure, Missis, Mas'r St. Clare is gettin' thin as a shader. They say, he don't ever eat nothin'," said Mammy. " I know he don't forget Miss Eva; I know there could n't nobody, — dear, little, blessed cretur! " she added, wiping her eyes.
" Well, at all events, he has no consideration for me," said Marie; " he has n't spoken one word of sympathy, and he must know how much more a mother feels than any man can."
"The heart knoweth its own bitterness," said Miss Ophelia, gravely.
" That's just what I think. I know just what I feel, — nobody else seems to. Eva used to, but she is gone !' and Marie lay back on her lounge, and began to sob dis­consolately.
Marie was one of those unfortunately constituted mor­tals, in whose eyes whatever is lost and gone assumes a value which it never had in possession. Whatever she had, she seemed to survey only to pick flaws in it; but, once fairly away, there was no end to her valuation of it.
While this conversation was taking place in the parlor, another was going on in St. Clare's library.
Tom, who was always uneasily following his master about, had seen him go to his library, some hours before; and, after vainly waiting for him to come out, determined, at last, to make an errand in. He entered softly. St. Clare lay on his lounge, at the further end of the room. He was lying on his face, with Eva's Bible open before