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408             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
nothing for her; and, shortly after, one of the man-serv­ants came to say that her mistress had ordered him to take Rosa with him to the whipping-house, whither she was hurried, in spite of her tears and entreaties.
A few days after, Tom was standing musing by the bal­conies, when he was joined by Adolph, who, since the death of his master, had been entirely crestfallen and dis­consolate. Adolph knew that he had always been an ob­ject of dislike to Marie ; but while his master lived he had paid but little attention to it. Now that he was gone, he had moved about in daily dread and trembling, not know­ing what might befall him next. Marie had held several consultations with her lawyer; after communicating with St. Clare's brother, it was determined to sell the place, and all the servants, except her own personal property, and these she intended to take with her, and go back to her father's plantation.
" Do ye know, Tom, that we 've all got to be sold ?': said Adolph.
" How did you hear that ? " said Tom.
"I hid myself behind the curtains when Missis was talking with the lawyer. In a few days we shall all be sent off to auction, Tom."
" The Lord's will be done ! " said Tom, folding his arms and sighing heavily.
" We '11 never get another such a master," said Adolph, apprehensively; " but I 'd rather be sold than take my chance under Missis."
Tom turned away; his heart was full. The hope of liberty, the thought of distant wife and children, rose up before his patient soul, as to the mariner, shipwrecked al­most in port, rises the vision of the church-spire and loving roofs of his native village, seen over the top of some black wave only for one last farewell. He drew his arms tightly over his bosom, and choked back the bitter tears, and tried to pray. The poor old soul had such a singular, un­accountable prejudice in favor of liberty, that it was a