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414             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" What dat ar nigger doin' here ? " said Sambo, coming up to Tom, after Mr. Skeggs had left the room. Sambo was a full black, of great size, very lively, voluble, and full of trick and grimace.
" What you doin' here ?" said Sambo, coming up to Tom, and poking him facetiously in the side. " Meditat-in', eh ? "
" I am to be sold at the auction, to-morrow ! " said Tom, quietly.
" Sold at auction, — haw ! haw ! boys, an't this yer fun ? I wish't I was gwine that ar way! — tell ye, would n't I make 'em laugh? But how is it, — dis yer whole lot gwine to-morrow?" said Sambo, laying his hand freely on Adolph's shoulder.
" Please to let me alone! " said Adolph, fiercely, straightening himself up, with extreme disgust.
" Law, now, boys! dis yer 's one o' yer white niggers, — kind o' cream-color, ye know, scented ! " said he, com­ing up to Adolph and snuffing. " O Lor! he 'd do for a tobaccer-shop ; they could keep him to scent snuff! Lor, he 'd keep a whole shop agwine, —he would ! "
" I say, keep off, can't you ? " said Adolph, enraged.
" Lor, now, how touchy we is, — we white niggers! Look at us, now!' and Sambo gave a ludicrous imitation of Adolph's manner; " here 's de airs and graces. We 's been in a good family, I specs."
" Yes," said Adolph; " I had a master that could have bought you all for old truck! "
"Laws, now, only think," said Sambo, "the gentlemens that we is ! "
"I belonged to the St. Clare family," said Adolph, proudly.
" Lor, you did! Be hanged if they ar' n't lucky to get shet of ye. Spects they 's gwine to trade ye off with a lot o' cracked teapots and sich like! " said Sambo, with a provoking grin.
Adolph, enraged at this taunt, flew furiously at his ad-