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418             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" What for, mother ? I don't look near so well, that way."
" Yes, but you '11 sell better so."
" I don't see why! " said the child.
" Respectable families would be more apt to buy you, if they saw you looked plain and decent, as if you was n't trying to look handsome. I know their ways better 'n you do," said Susan.
" Well, mother, then I will."
" And, Emmeline, if we should n't ever see each other again, after to-morrow, — if I 'm sold way up on a planta­tion somewhere, and you somewhere else, — always remem­ber how you 've been brought up, and all Missis has told you; take your Bible with you, and your hymn-book; and if you 're faithful to the Lord, He '11 be faithful to you."
So speaks the poor soul, in sore discouragement; for she knows that to-morrow any man, however vile and brutal, however godless and merciless, if he only has money to pay for her, may become owner of her daughter, body and soul; and then, how is the child to be faithful ? She thinks of all this, as she holds her daughter in her arms, and wishes that she were not handsome and attractive. It seems almost an aggravation to her to remember how purely and piously, how much above the ordinary lot, she has been brought up. But she has no resort but to pray ; and many such prayers to God have gone up from those same trim, neatly arranged, respectable slave-prisons, — prayers which God has not forgotten, as a coming day shall show; for it is written, "Whoso causeth one of these little ones to offend, it were better for him that a mill­stone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depths of the sea."
The soft, earnest, quiet moonbeam looks in fixedly, marking the bars of the grated windows on the prostrate, sleeping forms. The mother and the daughter are singing together a wild and melancholy dirge, common as a fun­eral hymn among the slaves : —