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428             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Well, my dear," he said, chucking her under the chin, " keep up your spirits."
The involuntary look of horror, fright, and aversion with which the girl regarded him, did not escape his eye. He frowned fiercely.
" None o' your shines, gal! you 's got to keep a pleasant face, when I speak to ye, — d' ye hear ? And you, you old yellow poco moonshine! " he said, giving a shove to the mulatto woman to whom Emmeline was chained, " don't you carry that sort of face! You 's got to look chipper, I tell ye !"
" I say, all on ye," he said, retreating a pace or two back, " look at me, — look at me, — look me right in the eye, — straight, now! " said he, stamping his foot at every pause.
As by a fascination, every eye was now directed to the glaring greenish-gray eye of Simon.
"Now," said he, doubling his great, heavy fist into something resembling a blacksmith's hammer, " d' ye see this fist ? Heft it! " he said, bringing it down on Tom's hand. " Look at these yer bones! Well, I tell ye this yer fist has got as hard as iron knocking down niggers, I never see the nigger, yet, I could n't bring down with one crack," said he, bringing his fist down so near to the face of Tom that he winked and drew back. " I don't keep none o' yer cussed overseers; I does my own over­seeing ; and I tell you things is seen to. You 's. every one on ye got to toe the mark, I tell ye ; quick, — straight, — the moment I speak. That's the way to keep in with me. Ye won't find no soft spot in me, nowhere. So, now, mind yerselves ; for I don't show no mercy !'
The women involuntarily drew in their breath, and the whole gang sat with downcast, dejected faces. Mean­while, Simon turned on his heel, and marched up to the bar of the boat for a dram.
" That's the way I begin with my niggers," he said, to a gentlemanly man, who had stood by him during his