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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            463
had got his deserts. He 'd got to he broken in,—the sooner the better; * what did I expect ? ' he asked.
" It seemed to me something in my head snapped, at that moment. I felt dizzy and furious. I remember see­ing a great, sharp bowie-knife on the table; I remember something about catching it, and flying upon him ; and then all grew dark, and I did n't know any more — not for days and days.
" When I came to myself, I was in a nice room, — but not mine. An old black woman tended me; and a doctor came to see me, and there was a great deal of care taken of me. After a while, I found that he had gone away, and left me at this house to be sold; and that 's why they took such pains with me.
" I did n't mean to get well, and hoped I should n't; but, in spite of me, the fever went off, and I grew healthy, and finally got up. Then, they made me dress up, every day; and gentlemen used to come in and stand and smoke their cigars, and look at me, and ask questions, and debate my price. I was so gloomy and silent, that none of them wanted me. They threatened to whip me, if I was n't gayer, and did n't take some pains to make myself agreeable. At length, one day, came a gentleman named Stuart. He seemed to have some feeling for me ; he saw that something dreadful was on my heart, and he came to see me alone, a great many times, and finally persuaded me to tell him. He bought me, at last, and promised to do all he could to find and buy back my chil­dren. He went to the hotel where my Henry was ; they told him he had been sold to a planter up on Pearl River; that was the last that I ever heard. Then he found where my daughter was ; an old woman was keeping her. He offered an immense sum for her, but they would not sell her. Butler found out that it was for me he wanted her ; and he sent me word that I should never have her. Captain Stuart was very kind to me ; he had a splendid plantation, and took me to it. In the course of a year, I