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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            473
dreary old house, perhaps because of the already tremulous state of his nerves. Hark ! what is it ?
A wild, pathetic voice chants a hymn common among the slaves: —
" Oh, there '11 be mourning-, mourning, mourning, Oh, there '11 be mourning, at the judgment-seat of Christ! "
" Blast the girl! " said Legree. " I '11 choke her. — Em ! Em! " he called, harshly ; but only a mocking echo from the walls answered him. The sweet voice still sung on: —
" Parents and children there shall part! Parents and children there shall part! Shall part to meet no more ! ''
And clear and loud swelled through the empty halls the refrain, —
" Oh, there '11 be mourning, mourning, mourning, Oh, there '11 be mourning, at the judgment-seat of Christ! "
Legree stopped. He would have been ashamed to tell of it, but large drops of sweat stood on his forehead, his heart beat heavy and thick with fear; he even thought he saw something white rising and glimmering in the gloom before him, and shuddered to think what if the form of his dead mother should suddenly appear to him.
" I know one thing," he said to himself, as he stumbled back in the sitting-room, and sat down; " I '11 let that fel­low alone after this ! What did I want of his cussed paper ? I b'lieve I am bewitched, sure enough ! I 've been shiver­ing and sweating, ever since! Where did he get that hair ? It could n't have been that ! I burnt that up, I know I did! It would be a joke if hair could rise from the dead!"
Ah, Legree! that golden tress was charmed; each hair had in it a spell of terror and remorse for thee, and was used by a mightier power to bind thy cruel hands from in­flicting uttermost evil on the helpless!
"I say," said Legree, stamping and whistling to the