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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            475
Cassy entered the room, and found Emmeline sitting, pale with fear, in the furthest corner of it. As she came in, the girl started up nervously; but, on seeing who it was, rushed forward, and, catching her arm, said, " Oh, Cassy, is it you ? I'mso glad you 've come ! I was afraid it was Oh, you don't know what a horrid noise there has been, downstairs, all this evening! "
" I ought to know," said Cassy, dryly. " I 've heard it often enough."
" Oh, Cassy ! do tell me, could n't we get away from this place ? I don't care where, into the swamp among the snakes, anywhere ! Could n't we get somewhere away from here ? "
" Nowhere, but into our graves," said Cassy.
" Did you ever try ? "
" I 've seen enough of trying, and what comes of it," said Cassy.
" I 'd be willing to live in the swamps, and gnaw the bark from trees. I an't afraid of snakes ! I 'd rather have one near me than him," said Emmeline, eagerly.
" There have been a good many here of your opinion," said Cassy ; " but you could n't stay in the swamps, you 'd be tracked by the dogs, and brought back, and then then"
" What would he do ?" said the girl, looking, with breathless interest, into her face.
" What wouldn't he do, you 'd better ask," said Cassy. " He's learned his trade well, among the pirates in the West Indies. You would n't sleep much, if I should toll