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476             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
you things I 've seen, — things that he tells of, sometimes, for good jokes. I 've heard screams here that I have n*i been able to get out of my head for weeks and weeks. There 's a place way out down by the quarters, where you can see a black, blasted tree, and the ground all covered with black ashes. Ask any one what was done there, and see if they will dare to tell you."
" Oh, what do you mean ? "
" I won't tell you. I hate to think of it. And I tell you, the Lord only knows what we may see to-morrow, if that poor fellow holds out as he 's begun."
" Horrid! " said Emmeline, every drop of blood reced­ing from her cheeks. " Oh, Cassy, do tell me what I shall do!"
" What I 've done. Do the best you can, — do what you must, — and make it up in hating and cursing."
" He wanted to make me drink some of his hateful brandy," said Emmeline; " and I hate it so " —
"You'd better drink," said Cassy. "I hated it, too; and now I can't live without it. One must have some­thing, — things don't look so dreadful, when you. take that."
" Mother used to tell me never to touch any such thing," said Emmeline.
"Mother told you!' said Cassy, with a thrilling and bitter emphasis on the word mother. " What use is it for mothers to say anything ? You are all to be bought and paid for, and your soul belongs to whoever gets you. That's the way it goes. I say, drink brandy ; drink all you can, and it '11 make things come easier."
" Oh, Cassy ! do pity me ! "
" Pity you ! — don't I ? Have n't I a daughter, — Lord knows where she is, and whose she is, now, — going the way her mother went, before her, I suppose, and that her children must go, after her ! There 's no end to the curse — forever ! "
" I wish I 'd never been born ! " said Emmeline, wring­ing her hands.