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482             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
I 'd as soon die as not. Ye may whip me, starve me, burn me — it '11 only send me sooner where I want to go."
" I '11 make ye give out, though, 'fore I 've done! " said Legree, in a rage.
" I shall have help," said Tom; " you '11 never do it."
" Who the devil's going to help you ? " said Legree, scornfully.
"The Lord Almighty," said Tom.
" D—n you !' said Legree, as with one blow of his fist he felled Tom to the earth.
A cold, soft hand fell on Legree's, at this moment. He turned, — it was Cassy's ; but the cold, soft touch recalled his dream of the night before, and, flashing through the chambers of his brain, came all the fearful images of the night-watches, with a portion of the horror that accom­panied them.
" Will you be a fool ? " said Cassy, in French. " Let him go! Let me alone to get him fit to be in the field again. Is n't it just as I told you ? "
They say the alligator, the rhinoceros, though inclosed in bullet-proof mail, have each a spot where they are vul­nerable ; and fierce, reckless, unbelieving reprobates have commonly this point in superstitious dread.
Legree turned away, determined to let the point go for the time.
" Well, have it your own way," he said, doggedly, to Cassy.
"Hark, ye! " he said to Tom; "I won't deal with ye now, because the business is pressing, and I want all my hands; but I never forget. I '11 score it against ye, and sometime I '11 have my pay out o' yer old black hide, — mind ye! "
Legree turned, and went out.
" There you go," said Cassy, looking darkly after him ; " your reckoning 's to come, yet! — My poor fellow, how are you ? "
" The Lord God hath sent his angel, and shut the lion's mouth, for this time," said Tom.