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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            487
George smiled sadly, and made no answer.
Eliza turned to the glass, and the scissors glittered as one long lock after another was detached from her head.
" There, now, that '11 do," she said, taking up a hair­brush ; " now for a few fancy touches."
" There, an't I a pretty young fellow ? " she said, turn­ing around to her husband, laughing and blushing at the -same time.
" You always will be pretty, do what you will," said George.
" What does make you so sober ? " said Eliza, kneeling on one knee, and laying her hand on his. " We are only within twenty-four hours of Canada, they say. Only a day and a night on the lake, and then, — oh, then! " —
" Oh, Eliza! " said George, drawing her towards him, " that is it! Now my fate is all narrowing down to a point. To come so near, to be almost in sight, and then lose all. I should never live under it, Eliza."
" Don't fear," said his wife, hopefully. " The good Lord would not have brought us so far, if He did n't mean to carry us through. I seem to feel Him with us, George."
" You are a blessed woman, Eliza!" said George, clasping her with a convulsive grasp. " But, — oh, tell me ! can this great mercy be for us ? Will these years and years of misery come to an end ? — shall we be free ? "
" I am sure of it, George," said Eliza, looking upward, while tears of hope and enthusiasm shone on her long, dark lashes. u I feel it in me, that God is going to bring us out of bondage, this very day."
" I will believe you, Eliza," said George, rising sud­denly up. " I will believe, — come, let 's be off. Well, indeed," said he, holding her off at arm's length, and looking admiringly at her, " you are a pretty little fel­low. That crop of little short curls is quite becoming. Put on your cap. So, — a little to one side. I never