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488             UNCLE TOMS CABIN; OR
saw you look quite so pretty. But it 's almost time for the carriage ; — I wonder if Mrs. Smyth has got Harry rigged ? "
The door opened, and a respectable, middle-aged woman entered, leading little Harry, dressed in girl's clothes.
" What a pretty girl he makes," said Eliza, turning him round. " We call him Harriet, you see ; — don't the name come nicely ? "
The child stood gravely regarding his mother in her new and strange attire, observing a profound silence, and occasionally drawing deep sighs, and peeping at her from under his dark curls.
" Does Harry know mamma ? " said Eliza, stretching her hands toward him.
The child clung shyly to the woman.
" Come, Eliza, why do you try to coax him, when you know that he has got to be kept away from you ? "
"I know it's foolish," said Eliza ; "yet, I can't bear to have him turn away from me. But come, — where 's my cloak ? Here, — how is it men put on cloaks, George ? '
" You must wear it so," said her husband, throwing it over his shoulders.
" So, then," said Eliza, imitating the motion, — " and I must stamp, and take long steps, and try to look saucy."
" Don't exert yourself," said George. " There is, now and then, a modest young man ; and I think it would be easier for you to act that character."
" And these gloves ! mercy upon us ! " said Eliza; " why, my hands are lost in them."
" I advise you to keep them on pretty strictly," said George. " Your little slender paw might bring us all out. Now, Mrs. Smyth, you are to go under our charge, and be our aunty, —you mind."
" I 've heard," said Mrs. Smyth, " that there have been men down, warning all the packet captains against a man and woman, with a little boy."
" They have! " said George. " Well, if we see any such people, we can tell them."