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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            497
passed the lowly heart of the oppressed one,— an ever-present Saviour hallowed it as a temple. Past now the bleeding of earthly regrets ; past its fluctuations of hope, and fear, and desire; the human will, bent, and bleeding and struggling long, was now entirely merged in the Divine. So short now seemed the remaining voyage of life, — so near, so vivid, seemed eternal blessedness, — that life's uttermost woes fell from him unharming.
All noticed the change in his appearance. Cheerfulness and alertness seemed to return to him, and a quietness which no insult or injury could ruffle seemed to possess him.
" What the devil's got into Tom ? " Legree said to Sambo. " A while ago he was all down in the mouth, and now he 's peart as a cricket."
" Dunno, Mas'r ; gwine to run off, mebbe."
" Like to see him try that," said Legree, with a savage grin, " would n't we, Sambo ? "
" Guess we would! Haw! haw! ho ! " said the sooty gnome, laughing obsequiously. " Lord, de fun ! To see him stickin' in de mud, — chasin' and tarin' through de bushes, dogs a-holdin' on to him ! Lord, I laughed fit to split, dat ar time we cotched Molly. I thought they 'd 'a' had her all stripped up afore I could get 'em off. She car's de marks o' dat ar spree yet."
" I reckon she will, to her grave," said Legree. " But now, Sambo, you look sharp. If the nigger's got anything of this sort going, trip him up."
" Mas'r, let me 'lone for dat," said Sambo. " I '11 tree de coon. Ho, ho, ho! "
This was spoken as Legree was getting on to his horse, to go to the neighboring town. That night, as he was re­turning, he thought he would turn his horse and ride round the quarters, and see if all was safe.
It was a superb moonlight night, and the shadows of the graceful China-trees lay minutely penciled on the turf below, and there was that transparent stillness in the