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502             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
creatures suffer ? Is n't he wringing the life-blood out of you ? I 'm called on ; they call me ! His time 's come, and I '11 have his heart's blood ! "
" No, no, no!' said Tom, holding her small hands, which were clenched with spasmodic violence. " No, ye poor, lost soul, that ye must n't do. The dear, blessed Lord never shed no blood but his own, and that He poured out for us when we was enemies. Lord, help us to follow his steps, and love our enemies ! "
" Love ! " said Cassy, with a fierce glare; " love such enemies ! It is n't in flesh and blood."
" No, Misse, it is n't," said Tom, looking up ; " but He gives it to us, and that's the victory. When we can love and pray over all, and through all, the battle 's past, and the victory 's come, glory be to God! " And, with streaming eyes and choking voice, the black man looked up to heaven.
And this, O Africa ! latest called of nations, ctdled to the crown of thorns, the scourge, the bloody sweat, the cross of agony, this is to be thy victory; by this shalt thou reign with Christ when his kingdom shall come on earth.
The deep fervor of Tom's feelings, the softness of his voice, his tears, fell like dew on the wild, unsettled spirit of the poor woman. A softness gathered over the lurid fires of her eyes; she looked down, and Tom could feel the relaxing muscles of her hands, as she said,
" Did n't I tell you that evil spirits followed me ? Oh, Father Tom, I can't pray, I wish I could. I never have prayed since my children were sold ! What you say must be right, I know it must; but when I try to pray, I can only hate and curse. I can't pray ! "
" Poor soul!' said Tom, compassionately. " Satan desires to have ye, and sift ye as wheat. I pray the Lord for ye. Oh, Misse Cassy, turn to the dear Lord Jesus. He came to bind up the broken-hearted, and comfort all that mourn."