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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            503
Cassy stood silent, while large, heavy tears dropped from her downcast eyes.
"Misse Cassy," said Tom, in a hesitating tone, after surveying her a moment in silence, " if ye only could get away from here, — if the thing was possible, — I 'd 'vise ye and Emmeline to do it; that is, if ye could go without blood-guiltiness, — not otherwise."
" Would you try it with us, Father Tom ? "
" No," said Tom ; " time was when I would ; but the Lord 's given me a work among these yer poor souls, and I '11 stay with 'em and bear my cross with 'em till the end. It's different with you ; it's a snare to you, — it's more 'n you can stand, — and you 'd better go, if you can."
" I know no way but through the grave," said Cassy. " There 's no beast or bird but can find a home some­where ; even the snakes and the alligators have their places to lie down and be quiet; but there 's no place for us. Down in the darkest swamps their dogs will hunt us out and find us. Everybody and everything is against us ; even the very beasts side against us, — and where shall we go?"
Tom stood silent; at length he said, —
" Him that saved Daniel in the den of lions, — that saved the children in the fiery furnace, — Him that walked on the sea, and bade the winds be still, — He 's alive yet; and I 've faith to believe He can deliver you. Try it, and I '11 pray, with all my might, for you."
By what strange law of mind is it that an idea long overlooked, and trodden underfoot as a useless stone, sud­denly sparkles out in new light, as a discovered diamond ?
Cassy had often revolved, for hours, all possible or prob­able schemes of escape, and dismissed them all as hopeless and impracticable; but at this moment there flashed through her mind a plan, so simple and feasible in all its details, as to awaken an instant hope.
"Father Tom, I '11 try it! " she said, suddenly.
" Amen! " said Tom; " the Lord help ye I"