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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            509
" You may sleep there, yourself," said Cassy, " if you Want to know."
" Did it come from the garret, Cassy ? "
" It, — what ? " said Cassy.
" Why, what you told of " —
" I did n't tell you anything," said Cassy, with dogged sullenness.
Legree walked up and down the room, uneasily.
" I'll have this yer thing examined. I '11 look into it, this very night. I '11 take my pistols " —
" Do," said Cassy ; " sleep in that room. I 'd like to see you doing it. Fire your pistols, — do ! "
Legree stamped his foot, and swore violently.
" Don't swear," said Cassy; " nobody knows who may be hearing you. Hark! "What was that ? "
" What ? " said Legree, starting.
A heavy old Dutch clock, that stood in the corner of the room, began, and slowly struck twelve.
For some reason or other, Legree neither spoke nor moved ; a vague horror fell on him ; while Cassy, with a keen, sneering glitter in her eyes, stood looking at him, counting the strokes.                                        n
" Twelve o'clock ; well, now we '11 see," said she, turn­ing, and opening the door into the passage-way, and stand­ing as if listening.
" Hark ! What's that ? " said she, raising her finger.
" It's only the wind," said Legree. " Don't you hear how cursedly it blows ? "
" Simon, come here," said Cassy, in a whisper, laying her hand on his, and leading him to the foot of the stairs; " do you know what that is ? Hark ! "
A wild shriek came pealing down the stairway. It came from the garret. Legree's knees knocked together ; his face grew white with fear.
" Had n't you better get your pistols ? " said Cassy, with a sneer that froze Legree's blood. " It's time this thing was looked into, you know. I 'd like to have you go up now; they 're at it."